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Matt T. wrote a long reply on 21st Jan 99 to one of my postings, and it was
very remiss of me not to reply before now.  Unfortunately I had just had a
couple of weeks of yet another exciting exchange, and my brain was in the
state of grace similar to having eaten two whole Easter eggs, complete with
chocolate buttons, in a single afternoon of depravity.  Then, a few days
into my fallow period, I was also blessed by a week's timeout.  I don't
really want to dig over the old material again as it tends to dominate the
rest of my day, and I think I'll decline your invitation, Matt, to do a
phylogentic analysis of quarternary birds for the time being at any rate.
It's nice to know though that someone at any rate has looked into the
Kabinet and your comment was appreciated!

It has come to my attention that my website comes out as black writing on
the dark purple, to one viewer on Netscape 4.  Any other people's
experiences wrt this would be appreciated.