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RE: Dinosaurs fossils found next door to Super PC Memory: joke... well, sort of:

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> In case you haven't heard this yet...
> >From http://insidedenver.com/news/0209dino5.shtml
> Dinosaur fossils found at golf course
> Triceratops roamed 65 million years ago site 65 million years ago (huh?)
> By Mike Patty
> News Staff Writer
> WESTMINSTER -- Herds of triceratops roamed what are today the fairways
> and greens of Westminster's Westmoor Golf Course 65 million years ago.
> The remains of four of the massive, plant-eating dinosaurs have been
> uncovered from the course now under construction at West 108th Avenue
> and Oak Street. Those remains eventually will be displayed at the
> Denver Museum of Natural History.
> "When our crews were grading the golf course, they uncovered some very
> large sandstone blocks," said Bill Walenczak, Westminster director of
> parks, recreation and libraries.

           Hmmm, I wonder what the par would be on a Triceratops hazard?
Not to mention a Tyrannosaur hazard!?