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Re: Follow-up on Lions of Savuti

---Chris Campbell <Sankarah@ou.edu> wrote:

> Since issues of size, intelligence,
> and physical capability have all been addressed (i.e., claiming that
> cooperative behavior was impossible is no longer tenable), the
> remains wide open.

The argument that cooperative hunting by theropods was *impossible*
was never made by me or, to the best of my recollection, by anyone

Because I'm feeling nostalgic, I'll note that my argument was that
such behavior, often more or less assumed, is in fact unsupported by
any evidence, either physical or circumstantial, making it a rather
peculiar subject of hypothesis.

This seems an apt time to note that I've completed the book on the
Savuti lions and it makes no reference to them "piling on" adult
elephants as was at times alleged in the thread referenced above.

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