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New web site

Hi Folks!

Well, now I`ve gone and done it! Got me my own website. Had to,... to
produce my java sig. Anyway, I had lots of extra space, and decided to put
my pet theory (on Avian Evolution) out there on the web. It`s mostly a
reiteration of what I`ve been posting here. Sorry if it`s not extremely
detailed, but I wantd the lay public to understand at least some of it. So
far, I`ve just gotten comments on the first page (all animated gifs), forget
the "tech" stuff. If you wish to comment PLEASE do so off list. I did
provide my e-mail address at the site (pg 3?). I will try to return
comment,....but don`t be surprised if it takes days, cause I`m a pretty busy
guy! Thanks.