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Re: Refutations

At 08:14 PM 2/9/99 EST, George wrote:

>"Refute" is by no means an antonym of "support," despite above-mentioned
>popular usage. Just because there is no support available for a hypothesis
>does not mean that the hypothesis is thereby refuted. Refutation removes a
>hypothesis from competition; mere lack of support does not.

Okay, fair enough.  So, for everyone to see, here is the reworded sentence
which sparked the whole thing off:

]]Now, to be fair, none of these studies currently published directly test
what is
]]needed to *reject (provisionally)* Olshevsky's assertion: namely an
analysis where
]]prosauropods and/or ornithischians are also included among the ingroups, so
]]that (in terms of the search mechanics) recovery of a
]]prosauropod-therizinosauorid clade is at least possible.

Okay, everybody?

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