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MJ coelurosaurians

   On the subject of Middle and Late Jurassic coelurosaurians...I was
under the impression that *Chuandongocoelurus* was considered to be a
possible coelurosaurian by some.  It's apparently from the same formation
as *Gasosaurus*, *Shunosaurus*, and *Huayangosaurus*, among others,
putting it as  Bathonian-Callovian and thus Middle Jurassic in age, but
is not based on especially diagnostic material.  According to *The
Dinosauria*, some of the material looks like that of an ornithopod, some
looks juvenile, and some looks like a theropod, so it may even be
chimeric.  Seeing as how *The Dinosauria* was originally published in
1990, I was wondering if anything new had come up on this animal.  
                Thanks in advance-*Thescelosaurus*  

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