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Re: MJ coelurosaurians

>   On the subject of Middle and Late Jurassic coelurosaurians...I was
>under the impression that *Chuandongocoelurus* was considered to be a
>possible coelurosaurian by some.

I was under the impression that _Chuandongocoelurus_ was too primitive to
be a coelurosaurian - and I'm basing this on Norman's chapter in _The
Dinosauria_.  The ascending process of the astragalus is not prominent
(unlike coelurosaurians), and the scapula is broad rather than straplike
(unlike tetanurines) (Norman, 1990).

_Gasosaurus_, I've heard, may be a basal coelurosaurian, but I don't have a
reference.  Same goes for the British genus _Proceratosaurus_.