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Re: Follow-up on Lions of Savuti

This is my last post on lions and elephants period.  Either on or off list.
John I agree with your first statement, which is why I emphasized PROBABLY.
Your last statement deserves no comment.  Citing personal communication as a
reference is not unscientific.  It is perfectly acceptable even for journal

I'm going to lurk which I'm sure some of you will take delight in.  If so
ask yourself what your motives are.  I took this for a list for the
discussion of dinosaurs.  If there are those who wish it to be purely
scientific with peer review for each and every statement as well as
demanding references, may I gently suggest the list be changed to reflect


Michael Teuton
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Subject: Re: Follow-up on Lions of Savuti

>> We know lions
>> have larger brains than theropods which PROBABLY means something in favor
>> the lions.
>The relationship between relative sociality and brain size is not clear.
>Ants have tiny brains yet forage cooperatively.
>Also, it is well known that ants can lift objects many times their own
>weight.  This guy I know says they can bring down elephants.