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Patagonian embryos on display in NY

FORWARDED from alt.dinosaur

Hi all,
Just to let everyone in the NYC area know that the latest issue of
(Amer. Museum of Nat. Hist.) states that the new Dinosaur Eggs from
the ones with the embryo skin preseved will be on display in the Miriam
& Ira
Wallach Orientation Center on the 4th floor of the museum.

Also, info from the article I haven't read before reads:
 " It is not possible to determine which kind of sauropod dinosaurs
layed the
eggs, but the discovery of tiny teeth in them led researchers to believe
were sauropods known as Titanosaurs. The remains of these dinosaurs are
in the area. The nesting site dates from the late Cretaceous and is
approximately 70 to 90 million years old."

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