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Re: Patagonian embryos on display in NY

---Betty Cunningham <bettyc@flying-goat.com> wrote:
> FORWARDED from alt.dinosaur
> Hi all,
> Just to let everyone in the NYC area know that the latest issue of
> Rotunda
> (Amer. Museum of Nat. Hist.) states that the new Dinosaur Eggs from
> Patagonia,
> the ones with the embryo skin preseved will be on display in the
> & Ira
> Wallach Orientation Center on the 4th floor of the museum.

Well, to be clear, there are a few of them -- six or seven.  I went to
see them over the weekend.  One little guy sort of smiles at you
across the eons.  It's wierd.

Several of the eggs on display are in clusters of three.  Not sure if
they were laid that way or just dug up that way.

The display is right below the life restoration of the juveline
Barosaurus on the fourth floor.

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