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FYI: new eBAY paleo books

eBay is an online auction house with a searchable index.
here are some current paleo titles someone onlist might be looking for.
(if anyone objects to this kind of post, let me know-ok?)

Paleontology Books-J.Hall-1859-Vol3            Item #65765954

These are two books; one textbook and one book of plates. They are on
the Paleontology of NY and discuss the fossils found in the rocks of the
Helderberg Mountains in mainly the limestone and sandstone. There are
about 530 pages in the textbook and about 120 plates in the other. They
measure 11 3/4" x 9 1/4". The textbook is in good condition, the top and
bottom of the back are frayed with a small tear to the binding. The
plate book is missing it's back and the front cover hinge is weak and
the book has a bend in it (see pics). The plates are in great shape with
the protective paper still  inbetween the pages.(took many pics for your
review, thanks for your patience!) These are GREAT books! 

Journal of Vertebrate Paleo.                  Item #65708378

Another set of Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Volume 12, for 1992.
All 4 issues including Supplement to Number 3. Five manuals, over 605
pages in all! 39 articles, plus book reviews and paleo. notes. Fossil
articles range from sauropods, fish, birds, various mammals, aquatic
reptiles, terrestrail reptiles, etc. Many include actual fossil locality
information. This is the official journal of the Society of Vertebrate
Paleontology. All issues are in excellent+ condition. 

(California) 1888 Geology                     Item #64549660

Becker, George F., Geology of the Quicksilver Deposits of the Pacific
Slope in Monographs of the United States Geological Survey., US
Government Printing Office, Washington, 1888. Folio, leather, 486 pgs.
color lithographed geological maps (see scan.) With two color
lithographed folding maps of the United States that were prepared by the
Geological Service, but dont appear to be a part of this
publication????? The binding is shot, it is present but both the front
and read covers and part of the spine are detached along with the free
endpapers. It is ex lib (Smithonian) with only a few withdrawn stamps on
the one of the title pages 

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