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Fwd: Where is Russian dinosaur exhibit?

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In a message dated 2/11/99 12:24:48 AM Pacific Standard Time,
Dinogeorge@aol.com writes:

<< In a message dated 2/11/99 3:03:17 AM EST, jhecht@world.std.com writes:
 << Does anybody out there know where the Russian dinosaur fossil exhibit is
  now? >>
 Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. Going up there later this month
 to see it. >>
 I want to let all on the list know this... the exhibit in Los Angeles IS NOT
the Russian Dinosaur Exhibit from the Russian Academy of Science in Moscow.
The LA show is from the Australians, and is not sanctioned to even refer to
themselves as " The Great Russian Dinosaur Exhibit", as they only have casts
that are not supposed to be shown under the russian show name. There is soon
to be some litigation I understand due to the Australian insistance on making
money off the russians specimens. I have this first hand from the american
rep. for the russians. The real Russian dino's are in Kansas City now, and may
be extended beyond april 15th at the Crown Center. Any questions can be
directed to me regards this matter. Thanks, Carl

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