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Re: Gasosaurus (was Re: MJ coelurosaurians)

Nick Pharris had written:

<Greg Paul suggested that _Proceratosaurus_ was related to
_Ornitholestes_ (and hence, in today's parlance, a basal coelurosaur).
I know too little about this animal to be able to comment

and Tom Holtz wrote:

<It has additional features not used by Greg Paul which do securely
place it within Coelurosauria, making it the oldest secure
coelurosaurian at present (pending confirmation of the identity of the
Yunnan "therizinosauroid").>

  What characters might these be? I see a lot of characters linking
*Procerato* to basal tetanurines, such as the form of its maxilla. The
teeth characters are found in *Torvosaurus* and *Monolophosaurus*, as
are the jaw, and form of the lachrymal ... I _really_ don't see
coelurosaur on this fellow. I may be blind, " but, well, there it
is... "

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  down the path to the end who does
  not see his own steps. -

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