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Paleo Love...what I should do about it

Caleb and Natasha, if you want to nourish your interest in Paleontology, and
experience some "real world" stuff. Try volunteering some time at a natural
history museum if there`s one that`s accessable. Not only would it be
interesting, but  you could make some usefull contacts there. Of course,
there are always paleontological field trips, but they might cost some. Join
some of the  "dino-clubs" that are around and keep current on all the latest
paleo info. Remember, that you`re bound to succeed at what you`re interested
in rather than in a field of study that you`re not. Also, visit the library
and read up on Paleontology, evolution and related stuff. There`s a lot more
well written stuff available than when I was your age. Keep informed! What
you read now will help you through future college courses.