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Disney's upcoming "Dinosaur" animated film

Below is a bit from the Cool News movie news wab page. One of his
contributor's attended a thing for "merchandise licensees visiting New
York's Toyfair", where clips from four upcoming Disney features were
shown (Tarzan, Dinosaur, Toy Story 2, and Fantasia 2000).

Here's the Dinosaur bit:

They kicked off the presentation by showing what's presumably the first
five minutes of the movie, a sequence (coincidentally) similar to the
beginning of PRINCE OF EGYPT--an egg that will eventually hatch into the
movie's dinosaur hero is punted around like a football by numerous
dinosaurs, swept over a waterfall, etc., escaping what looks like certain
destruction about 20 times.  The dinosaurs themselves look a little
plastic, but that doesn't mean the footage wasn't beautiful.  The
backgrounds look like a combination of CGI and real-world nature footage
of rainforests and such with the CGI dinosaurs superimposed on top. Really
beautiful--except for the egg-punting, it looked like it could have come
off of the Discovery Channel (or a 1950s Disney nature film) if they had
time travel at their disposal. From the clip, it was impossible to tell if
the dinosaurs will talk or if it's going to be done entirely as a faux
"nature film". The release date is set for Memorial Day 2000, making it,
if I'm not mistaken, the first 2000 movie to claim a summer release date.

Full url is  http://www.aint-it-cool-news.com/display.cgi?id=3051