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For those who care: Digital Dinosaur!

After some 2-3 years without a title, my web pages has finally got one. 
They have been given "titles" as Dinosaur cladograms, Cladogram pages, 
Øyvind Mario's cladogram pages etc. But now they have one name; one 
title: Digital Dinosaur.

For those who's been visiting my pages, and has been observant, you might 
have seen this title before on my pages. It's been the title of the 
series of "hidden" dinosaur portraits on the bottom of some pages.

I now pronounce my pages named: Digital Dinosaur


      [D] [I] [N] [O] [S] [A] [U] [R] [S]                        
   []               []                    []
   []               []                    []
   []               []                    []
   []               []                    []