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So are turtles now crocodiles?

In regards to the recent issue in science with the genetic studies on turtles
and crocodiles, if turtles are their closest living relatives then does that
make turtles secondarily archosaurian?

I remember hearing the theory that turtles are really diapsids turned
anapsids, but I don't remember ever hearing evidence being put forward of them
being archosaurian. 

Is their any skulls that show any antorbital fenestrae at all? 

And if not then how can they be so much closer to crocodylians, if crocs share
that archosaurian trait (and many others) with deinosaurs and birds?

Or does all this just mean that chelonians and crocodylomorphs split from
eachother at a closer point in time than we originally thought?

So many new questions?

Archosaur J

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