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Re: FW: colleges

The collections at Texas Tech Museum are excellent, and there are a
couple of great sites nearby.  Once you have an undergrad degree, you
can look into working on a grad degree in geoscience with a museum
studies minor, or a museum studies degree with a geoscience minor, or do
both MAs.  (the website is located at http://www.ttu.edu ).

Jeffrey Martz wrote:
> Caleb,
>       If you asre interested in studying dinosaurs or other Mesozoic 
> reptiles, in the United States,you might check out:

> 3. Texas Tech University in Lubbock http://www.texastech.edu
>       Mostly Triassic stuff, such as thecodonts, although if you work with 
> Thomas Lehman you may get to work in the Late Cretaceous.

James H Tichgelaar
Registrar, Arkansas State University Museum

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