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FW: colleges

Jeffrey Martz wrote:
>3. Texas Tech University in Lubbock http://www.texastech.edu
>      Mostly Triassic stuff, such as thecodonts, although if you work with
>Thomas Lehman you may get to work in the Late Cretaceous.
        Allow me to expound briefly:
        There are two routes for aspiring graduate student in vertebrate
paleontology at TTU, museum sciences and geology. I do not know much about
the museum science program (whoever just contacted me about this, I'll try
to get back to you soon). From what I can see, the program seems to be aimed
mostly at "terminal" master's degree students who wish to get jobs in
museums (that makes sense...). You can work with Dr. Chatterjee on projects
involving the preparation of fossils and other museum-related subjects, and
take some courses in Geology.
        The Geology path, through the Department of Geosciences, takes
advantage of our three (count 'em, three!) paleontologists on staff, Drs.
Lehman, Chatterjee and Barrick. Dr. Barrick is a conodont biostratigrapher,
but he has supported work on invertebrates in the past. Dr. Chatterjee's
work is known to many on the list, and his current projects mostly (but not
wholly) center around the Triassic fauna of the Dockum Group (including the
Chinle Formation, and other famous North American Triassic units). Dr.
Lehman's students mainly focus on the sedimentology, stratigraphy, and
vertebrate paleontology of the Late Cretaceous of Trans-Pecos Texas, mostly
at exposures in Big Bend National Park.
        The Department offers several classes in vertebrate paleontology,
including two seminar courses and a full-blown Mesozoic vertebrates class
(with a focus on terrestrial vertebrates). Additionally, the full gamut of
sedimentology and stratigraphy courses is offered over any given two year
period. There are usually several short opportunities for field work
throughout the year, although you are generally obligated to pay your own way.
        Anyone with questions may contact any of the individuals listed
above, or the head of the admissions committee, Dr. Barnes. All e-mail
addresses are available at the departmental website (URL listed above).

        Hope this helps,

     Jonathan R. Wagner, Dept. of Geosciences, TTU, Lubbock, TX 79409-1053
 "Only those whose life is short can truly believe that love is forever"-Lorien