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     Well, I can't let all of this talk about places to get undergrad 
     training in paleo pass without tossing in a plug for my little piece 
     of paradise, Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne.  My Department 
     of Geosciences offers a very nice undergraduate degree in geology, 
     with three paleo courses (introductory paleo, invertebrate paleo, and 
     vertebrate paleo), plus the opportunity to do undergrad research under 
     the supervision of yours truly.  In the past, undergrads have worked 
     with me on such topics as the functional significance of tooth shape 
     in tyrannosaurs, description of Pleistocene mammals, and the analysis 
     of footprint shape in dinosaurs and ground birds.  Plus, we've 
     recently started collecting and describing a very diverse late 
     Tertiary fossil assemblage from central Indiana, the first of its kind 
     to turn up in the interior of northeastern North America--really cool 
     I am constantly on the lookout for good students to work with.
     Many of our courses have field trips as part of the course, and we 
     also take two-week trips to such places as the southern Appalachians, 
     the Grand Canyon, and vertebrate localities in the northern Rockies.
     If anybody wants more information about our program, give me a holler.
     Jim Farlow