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Re: So are turtles now crocodiles?

In a message dated 2/15/99 6:50:07 PM EST, jconrad@lib.drury.edu writes:

<< To keep this response slightly on topic at least, I will pose the question
 where birds (and therefore the non-avian dinos as well) fit into this little
 study we're talking about?  I haven't seen the paper, but if turtles are
 crocs' closest living relatives, where are our other archosaurian buddies?

If, as the paper seems to imply, turtles are the sister group of crocs among
extant reptiles, and since archosaurs are all the descendants of the common
ancestor of crocs and birds--which would be more distant than the common
ancestor of crocs and turtles--then turtles would be archosaurs. Who knows?
Maybe turtles are derived aetosaurians--lotsa armor plate there, anyway.