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Ram-noses and the Mesozoic at S.D.Tech

  Re: Tylosaurs as ram-nosed attackers: It's important to remember that in the
same seas also lived the pachycormid fish, Protosphyraena, which possesed a
formidable rostrum and was one hell of a lot faster than a tylosaur.
  It was also suggested here recently that dinosaur and marine reptile
investigations might be winding down at the South Dakota School of Mines and
Technology. No way. not a chance, nope, ain't gonna happen. At their Morrison
quarry dinosaurs are piled up like jackstraws, there's all sorts of public
land with Hell Creek they are working, and as for marine reptiles, there is no
better place on the planet to study with fieldwork all along the Missouri,
public lands flanking the Black Hills, and private lands on Ranches with
incredible exposures. In fact, a local rancher has willed the fossiliferous
portion of his ranch to the school in perpituity and a gift has been made to
establish an endowment fund for the collection, preparation, cataloging,
conservation, and study of fossils from the ranch (which includes an abundance
of Hesperornis). Wish I could get back out there...if you've ever seen _Dances
With Wolves_you've seen the Pierre Shale country where they work. Sigh. Dan