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RE: Ram-noses and the Mesozoic at S.D.Tech

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> Sent: Tuesday, February 16, 1999 11:40 AM
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> Subject:      Ram-noses and the Mesozoic at S.D.Tech
>   Re: Tylosaurs as ram-nosed attackers: It's important to remember that in
> the
> same seas also lived the pachycormid fish, Protosphyraena, which possesed
> a
> formidable rostrum and was one hell of a lot faster than a tylosaur.
>   It was also suggested here recently that dinosaur and marine reptile
> investigations might be winding down at the South Dakota School of Mines
> and
> Technology. No way. not a chance, nope, ain't gonna happen. At their
> Morrison
> quarry dinosaurs are piled up like jackstraws, there's all sorts of public
> land with Hell Creek they are working, and as for marine reptiles, there
> is no
> better place on the planet to study with fieldwork all along the Missouri,
> public lands flanking the Black Hills, and private lands on Ranches with
> incredible exposures. In fact, a local rancher has willed the
> fossiliferous
> portion of his ranch to the school in perpituity and a gift has been made
> to
> establish an endowment fund for the collection, preparation, cataloging,
> conservation, and study of fossils from the ranch (which includes an
> abundance
> of Hesperornis). Wish I could get back out there...if you've ever seen
> _Dances
> With Wolves_you've seen the Pierre Shale country where they work. Sigh.
> Dan
> Varner.

           Would the technique be something like that employed by dolphins
against some sharks?