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RE: origins of endothermy

< Hi! Have there been any attempts to explain how endothermy could 
< have evolved
< from ectothermy at the biochemical level? (Since that's where it would < have
< had to start, right?) Thanks in advance.
[Jeffrey Martz]       
     Check out a message I wrote this January (Saturday the 23rd) in the 
Dinosaur List Archives: "Re:'The X Digit': A Pteroid Bone?".  At the end, I 
make brief mention of the cellular difference between endothermy and 
ectothermy, and provide some references.  The difference seems to be due to 
increased "leakiness" in the cell membranes, which in turn causes the ionic 
pumps in the cell membranes to work harder to maintain an ionic gradient, and 
produces more heat as a by-product.

LN Jeff