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Re: Sam Welles and the history of an idea

For some early references to birds as arboreal, flying dinosaurs, try these

Beebe, C. W., 1915. "A Tetrapteryx stage in the ancestry of birds," Zoologica
New York 2(2): 39?52.

Beebe, [C.] W., 1938. "Why Do Birds Have Scales on Their Feet?" New York
Zoological Society Bulletin 41(1): 20?22 [January?February 1938].

and, if you can find them,

Abel, O., 1911. "Die Vorfahren der Vögel und ihre Lebensweise," Verhandlungen
der Zoologische und Biologische Gesellschaft Wien 61: 144?191.

Abel, O., 1919. Die Stämme der Wirbeltiere, Berlin & Leipzig: xviii + 914 pp.

I've only seen excerpts from the latter two. Would like to see more someday.