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Re: Sam Welles and the history of an idea

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<< Does anyone else know of other references of Welles in which he mentions
 dinosaur-bird connection?

  No references, but a memory from about ten years ago. A friend and I were on
a plesiosaur mission to the master at Berkeley, where he helped us a great
deal. I don't know the name of the sculptor offhand, but prominent on Welles'
desk was a silver model of Deinonychus in full Archaeopteryx-like feather
dress. A color photo of Ronald Reagan was prominent on the wall, also.
  Don't forget Chas.R.Knight in _Life Through the Ages_(1946), describing
Archaeopteryx as "a sort of little dinosaur with wings instead of front legs,
 feathers, which further enhanced its birdlike appearance." He was almost
reluctant to call it a bird! Dan Varner