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ebay Paleo books (and other)-long

apparently it's a big geology week on eBay.  eBay is an online ayction
house with a searchable index.  These are items I thought people here on
the list might be interested in (OK? so gripe to me if you have any
complaints about this sort of thing).


Illustrated guide to FOSSIL COLLECTING Book      Item #66159193

An Illustrated guide to Fossil Collecting by Casanova & Ratkevich Third
edition. 240 page softcover published by Naturegraph Publisshers in
1981. Chapters include Classification, History, How to collect,
Preparing, Collecting localities by State, Museums with fossil exhibits,
and much more.
Collection of 22 Geology Books       Item #66973473

Recently I bought a personal library and included were numerous books on
geology, gemology, mineralogy and fossils. I
have                            gathered together some of the geology
books for auction. Other books will become available soon. All books are
in at least GOOD plus condition. Most are better or their conditions
are  noted otherwise. Included are the following titles: 
(1) "Walks and Talks in the Geological Field" by Alexander Winchell,
LL.D.  1898, George W. Jacobs Ex Libris. 
(2) "The Geological Story Briefly Told" by James D. Dana, LL.D. 1880
Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor. 
(3) "A First Book in Geology" by N. S. Shaler, S.D., 1895, D. C. Heath. 
(4) "Popular Geology A Series of Lectures" by Hugh Miller, nd, Hurst. 
(5) "Elements of Geology, Second Edition" by James H. Zumberge, 1966
John Wiley and Sons. 
(6) "Science for the School and Family. Part III. Mineralogy and 
Geology" by Worthington Hooker, M.D., 1871 Harper& Brothers. 
(7) "A Text-Book of Geology" by Albert Perry Brigham, A.M., F.G.S.A.,
1903 D. Appleton. 
(8) "Geological Collections: Dynamical and Structural Petrology" by W.
O. Crosby, 1892 Boston Society of Natural History FIRST EDITION. (Outer
cover cracked at top of rear hinge.) 
(9) "Physical Geology, Third Edition" by Chester Longwell et al, 1948
John Wiley & Sons. (10) "The Earth WE Live On" by Ruth Moore, 1956
Knopf, FIRST EDITION, Ex Libris. 
(11) "West Virginia Geologic Survey" by Ray V. Hennen et al, 1919, State
of W.Va., FIRST EDITION, Ex Libris. 
(12) "Clay and Minerals, Monograph No. 19 Earth Science Series, Proc.
12th National Conference" 1964, MacMillan. Ex Libris. 
(13) same as #12 except Monograph No. 25 from the 13th Conference, 1966.
Ex Libris. 
(14) "The Geologists Crosby of Boston" by Robert R. Shrock, 1972, M.I.T.
(15) "Bituminous Coal Fields of Pennsylvania. Introductory Volume Part I
General Information on Coal" by George H. Ashley, 1928 Topographic and
Geologic  Survey Bulletin M6. Paper. 
(16) "A Comprehensive Treatise on Engineering Geology" by Cyril S. Fox,
1935, Van Nostrand. FIRST EDITION. Ex Libris. 
(17) "Problems of American  Geology" by William North Rice et al, 1915,
Yale. FIRST EDITION (one of 1000 copies), Ex Libris. 
(18) "Production of Gold and Silver in the United States" by James P.
Kimball, 1887, US Gov't Printing Off. This copy has a number of recipes
pasted   in the flyleaf and title pages as well as the tracks of beetles
or bookworms (Don't worry, they are long dead). 
(19) "A Conversation on Mines, 9th edition" by William Hopton, nd. This
book is missing the title/copyright page. The text, however, is intact.
Ex Libris. 
(20) "The Earth and Its Story: A First Book in Geology" by Angelo
Heilprin, 1896, Silver, Burdett and Co. FIRST EDITION. 
(21) "Outlines of Physical Geology" by George W. Fitch, 1856, J. H.
(22) "Syllabus of A  Course of Lectures on Elementary Geology" by John C
Branner, Ph.D. 1898, Stanford, FIRST EDITION. This is an interesting
book, filled with notes taken by a student in this class. Every other
page was left blank for that purpose. 
SOUTH DAKOTA MINING REFERENCE ? map geology      Item #66702744

SOUTH DAKOTA MINING REFERENCE BOOK mines, geology Mineral and Water
resources of South Dakota, publ by the South Dakota geological Survey
Bulletin # 16, 1975. Covers the geology of all minerals in the state;
Gold, silver, Copper, Gems, and oil, also water resoursces. Lots of maps
and charts. Included is a full color 10x16 geology map of the black
hills that would be suitable for framing, just a little couple 1/4 inch
tears in the margins. Softcover book in very good condt, 313 pgs, 
Geology Palaeontology Book--1886--      Item #66855386

Walks and Talks in the Geological Field by Alexander Winchell,
Chautauqua Press, 1886. Original decorative cloth. Crisp copy. An
important title in the Chautauquan effort to make scientific (and other
intellectual) theories and discoveries accessible to a wider popular
audience. It is interesting to note that Winchell (a professor of
Geology and Paleontology at the University of Michigan) is the same
author that earlier wrote on racial inferiority and  Pre-Adamite man.
Here he seems to emphasize more acceptable scientific, geology.
Hardcover, 339 pages, light edgewear, otherwise in excellant condition. 

Paleontologist Barbie....Career Collection, Special Edition from
TRU...Mint in Box, Never removed from box. Box is a little dinged and is
not in perfect condition and has a small rip on bottom of box but no
tears and plastic is totally intact. Made by mattel in 1996, # 17240.
This is a pretty neat Barbie with lots of accesories included for her to
hunt for fossils.
Rocky Mountain Geology Book (Cretaceous Rock)      Item #67133149

Patterns of Sedimentation, Diagenesis, and Hydrocarbon Accumulation in
Cretaceous Rocks of the Rocky Mountains, SEPM Short Course No. 11,
softbound, pub. 1983, 9 chapters, 81/2"by11" book, 0.5 inches thick,
good condition. 
Fossil Shark Tooth ID Poster 24? X 36?        Item #67769441

Fossil shark Tooth ID Poster, beautifully illustrated, showing 23
different species, several morphologies, signed by the illustrator, A
must for the serious collector 
Fossils in N. America-Hardback -Fossil Sites    Item #67657244

HB. The Fossils of North America, by Jay Ellis Ransom, c1964. Published
by Harper & Row, Later Edition. This is an ex-Library book but chock
full of info. This book offers a fascinating study of prehistoric life,
and perpaps more importantly is an exhaustive guide to the major fossil
collecting sites in all 50 states. An aide to the scientific amateur
looking to locate a new find. It also provides a simplified id and
classification system to verterbrate and invertebrate animals, and
plants, including petrified wood. Also included: useful advice on
preparation and equipment for prospecting, a glossary, and an  appendix
of reference libraries and mineral museums in the US, arranged by city
and state. More than 100 drawings and photos identify the major animal
and plant phyla, as well as typical fossil sites in the US. A nice book
for the amateur who knows a little, and wants to learn more. Probably
not for a normal 15 year old, of such a one exists. Book has a black
line on bottom edge from crummy glue on library dustjacket protector, a
little black line on top edge of front cover; scotch tape remants on
top/bottom edge of back cover; a little bit of the same black glue stuff
on bottom edge of first page; library name on title page and on contents
page but no card and no card holder. Library number written in white on
bottom of spine. Pages and text clean without problems. Dustjacket
escaped better; library number on bottom of spine; and a little
discoloration (the black stuff again) on a little part of the edges, and
some general wear but DJ is intact and not to bad to look at. DJ is in
DJ protector now.
Time Life Paleo World Video, viewed once    Item #67580623

Time Life's Paleo World video. This tape contains 2 shows titled African
Graveyard. African Graveyard 1 & 2 follows the discovery of 2 new
dinasaurs in the Sahara. Flesh and Bone covers the reconstruction of the
2 dinasaurs discovered.
Time Life Paleo World Video, viewed once     Item #67578902

Time Life's Paleo World video. This tape contains 2 shows titled
Struggle to Survive. The episodes are Missing Links and Mysteries of
Extinction. The first deals with the evolution of man, the second covers
the questions of extinction. 
Geology of Wyoming, Bulletin 55 by Blackstone    Item #67797278

Traveler's Guide to the Geology of Wyoming. Wyoming Geological Survey,
Laramie, Wyoming, November, 1971. Bulletin 55, by D. L. Blackstone, Jr,
professor of geology, University of Wyoming. 90 page booklet, 6 inches
by 9 inches. Has a glossary at the back of geological terms, highly
illustrated, and gives a great deal of information on the area in
geological terms. There is an index at the back, as well as a list of
references, a supplemental reading list and sources of information. An
excellent, informative booklet. Fine condition

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