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Re: Function Talks at Ostrom Symposium

by "gaits" you mean flight mechanics of the wings, and not pedal
Perhaps 'stroke-styles' might suit the definition better?


"Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." wrote:
> Ralph also mentioned more about Rayner's talk: Rayner did indicate that just
> as quadrupedal mammals have distinct gaits, flying birds have two distinct
> "gaits" (toroidal and continuous vortices).  (Okay, hummingbirds add their
> own unique gait).  The continuous vortex, associated with higher speed
> movement, is actually the less morphologically demanding and presumably the
> primitive; the more sophisticated toroidal vortex requires more complicated
> morphologies and energetics, and even though assocaited with slower speeds,
> is probably derived.  In fact, Rayner suggested that Archie and other basal
> birds were incapable of performing the toroidal vortex.
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