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Re: Function Talks at Ostrom Symposium

Brian Franczak wrote:
> The cute little lamb in his slide may have been good for a laugh, but it
> ignored the fact that most of the larger prey animals of _Deinonychus_
> (i.e., juvenile tenontosaurs) would have had a stinkin' long tail,
> effectively preventing a rear attack. I also wondered: if _Deinonychus_
> was close enough to confuse its prey in this manner, wasn't it already
> close enough to just grab it?

heh heh 
Don't see why not Deinonychus wouldn't just attack and slice off bits of
those long tails-probably a lot of meat on those tails and that end
don't bite or stomp as much as the other end.....

I see a tail-grabbing maneuver and hanging on for dear life with those
hands while the sickle claws dug into the sauropod butt-sorta like


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