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Ostrom Symp. on ABC/Discovery News

Hi, everybody ("Hi, Doctor Tom..."),

Just a quick announcement: there will be a brief story about the Ostrom
Symposium on ABC/Discovery News tonight (Fri. 19th) on The Discovery
Channel, 9 pm EST.  There will be another, related dinosaur story on as well.

Incidentally, 1999 is a year for a couple of 30th anniversaries for Ostrom
and his work.  The first brief paper and the longer monograph first
describing _Deinonychus_ came out in 1969.  At the First North American
Paleontological Convention (in Chicago), Ostrom presented the paper
"Terrestrial vertebrates as indicators of Mesozoic climates", one of the key
papers bringing the idea that dinosaurs (and non-mammalian therapsids) might
have been warm blooded (and thus lousy paleoclimate indicators) to the
modern scientific community.

Off to teach,

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