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Re: Ostrom paper

>Hello all, does someone tell me when I can found this two Ostrom's paper?
>Ostrom J.H. (1978) Osteology of Compsognathus longipes. Zitteliana 4.

I don't know.

>Ostrom J.H. (1969) Osteology of Deinonychus antirrhopus, an unusual
>from the lower Cretaceous of Montana. Bull. Peabody Museum Nat. History 30.

I think you can order this one on the net (maybe at the Peabody Museum
webpage). You can look for it by Altavista or Infoseek, or find it a good
dino links listing (there's one at the Berkeley Univ. site).

>And another thing, how can I contact for subscribe for received the paper

If you mean the *Palaeontology* journal, it is published by the
Palaeontological Association, which has a website. I don't have the URL.

>Thank's in advanced
>Alessandro Marisa
>"Voluntary of Paleontology Group of Monfalcone"
>Via Achille Grandi n°18
>Tel: 039-0464-434658 Email: amaris@tin.it

Best regards.

Félix Landry
e-mail: forelf@internet19.fr