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Re: Discovery News on the Ostrom Symposium

In a message dated 2/20/99 11:05:55 AM EST, MKIRKALDY@AOL.COM writes:

<< The program opens with a report on the discovery of _Deinonychus_
 bones at a Utah (?) prison site.>>

I think the program mentioned Oklahoma, not Utah. I was annoyed that they kept
calling _Deinonychus_ _Velociraptor_ during the first part of the piece; these
are two different dinosaurs, from widely separated ages and localities. At one
point it was mentioned that "the most complete skeleton of a _Velociraptor_
ever found" was being unearthed at the Oklahoma prison site, but this is
wrong: Later it transpired that they were referring to a _Deinonychus_
skeleton. As far as I know, the most complete _Velociraptor_ skeleton is the
one found years ago "in combat" with a _Protoceratops_ in Mongolia.

The Ostrom segment was much better. John Ostrom is a titan of modern dinosaur
paleontology and people should know about him and his work.