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Archaeopteryx Chimaera (was: Function Talks at Ostrom Symposium)

>    Could some of the more 'advanced' respiratory features of birds have
>developed while retaining the diaphragm? And that later, the diaphragm
>became a mere vestige - and finally, disappeared?

>        Allan Edels

I have a strong suspicion why my previous question about Archaeopteryx has
not (or cannot) been answered. Here it goes again.
Since Archaeopteryx evidently does have a dinosaur skeleton and a dinosaur
pelvis and theoretically should have had (in Ruben's theory) a diaphragm
and the hepatic piston of a crocodile(?) does that mean that Archie IS NOT
a bird and IS NOT in the bird lineage?
Could this be why Ruben is so busy trying to modify our view of Archie's
pelvis? Trying to obscure what is evident can be very unfortunate... as the
talks and discussions at the Ostrom symposium demonstrated.

Luis Rey

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