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From: KhLSingh@aol.com <KhLSingh@aol.com>
Date: Saturday, February 20, 1999 8:41 PM

>     Only belatedly have I reviewed the two February 5 postings in which
>the one called Sue SharPei sought to mock Ray Stanford's many
>contacts with alien beings and their spacecraft, and his never-fulfilled
>build a "time machine" capable of transporting a physical body back to
>ancient times.  SharPei also endeavored to denigrate Stanford's many years
>activity as a psychic, during which he allowed to speak through his
>body Aramda and other brothers in spacecraft, the Master Jesus and his
>and other elevated beings - and also, on many occasions, the one who speaks
>now, Kuthumi Lalh Singh of the White Brotherhood.  (Please to understand,
>racial connotation is implied in the name.)
>     It was most fitting and proper that SharPei was immediately silenced,
>because she was most disrespectful of Stanford (whose shoulders have borne
>the burdens of many portentous missions of vital importance to all who
>upon the Earth), and also because the postings of SharPei spoke very little
>the only proper subject of discussion on this list, dinosaurs.
>     Yet, it is the very omission by SharPei (whether through ignorance,
>malice, or a combination of these influences) of information truly relevant
>the purposes of this list, that now compels Kuthumi to consume additional
>"bandwidth," as you say, in defense of Stanford.
>     You see, SharPei left the impression that Stanford is a "johnny come
>lately," as you might say, to matters of dinosaur science.  But that is
>untrue, and
>unfair to Stanford.  As one who has long closely followed Stanford's work
>all of
>its diverse phases and manifestations), I can testify that Stanford's
>contributions to
>public understanding regarding dinosaurs began long before his recent
>preoccupation with the finding of dinosaur tracks.
>     For example, in August, 1974 (when he was 36 years in his current
>body), Stanford gave a keynote lecture to the Association for the
>Understanding of Man in which he marshalled impressive evidences that
>giant dinosaurs (perhaps even Tyrannosaurus rex) had survived at least into
>the twentieth century in the jungles of the Peruvian-Bolivian border area.
>Those evidences were too detailed and numerous to recite here, but suffice
>say that any one of you who would take the time to listen to the tape of
>lecture, I can say with assurance, would find it remarkable in the extreme.
>     (Even now, it may not be too late for members of this list who possess
>the necessary academic credentials and financial resources to utilize
>Stanford's information to mount an expedition that could do much to advance
>paleobiology, and biology, and further increase public interest in the
>of dinosaurs.)
>     Now, there is another "wrinkle" which was neglected by SharPei, and it
>this:  The disrespectful attitude of SharPei may distract others from
>recognizing that the paranormal powers that Stanford has displayed in the
>past COULD produce very great contributions to paleontology - as they have
>already done in the field of archeology.
>     In his eloquent response to SharPei of February 6, Stanford
>acknowledged only in passing that his recent extraordinary successes in
>finding dinosaur footprints in Maryland "maybe (is) due also to some
>ability."  This understatement reflects Stanford's exaggerated modesty
>regarding his psychic abilities -  a modesty which apparently inhibited him
>from mentioning his impressive past successes in locating things long
>under the earth.
>     Fortunately, some of those accomplishments are well documented.  In
>the same lecture mentioned above, titled "Psychic Archeology," Stanford
>spoke at length of his knowledge of the exact location in Mexico at which a
>known but very technologically advanced human civilization called Telos
>stored records on imperishable metal tablets, and magnetically on crystals,
>years ago.  He spoke also of his psychic knowledge of the exact site at
>Essene scrolls, containing contemporary records of the life of Jesus, are
>buried on Mt. Carmel in Israel.  It is unfortunate that various logistical
>political obstacles have prevented Stanford or others from actually
>these artifacts, but it is his singular success in LOCATING them that is
>important here.
>     To cite an even more striking example, in mid-1974, the Journal of the
>Association for the Understanding of Man (Vol. 2, No. 4), of which Stanford
>was editor-in-chief, reported to the members and financial supporters of
>organization, "It is anticipated, for example, that before the end of this
>[1974] Ray Stanford will lead a team to a site in Egypt where, he has felt
>many years, the tomb of Imhotep is located."  This anticipated discovery
>"would rank among the major archaeological finds of all times," the Journal
>added - a claim that surely was no exaggeration.  (Imhotep walked upon the
>earth some 4600 years ago.  He was an architect, scribe, administrator,
>artist, and
>healer, sometimes called the world's first physician.)  However, later it
>psychically revealed to Stanford that the planned trip had become
>inadvisable, and that he should re-direct the group's financial resources
>contacting of alien spacecraft through the endeavor known as Project
>International.  (I would refer you to the A.U.M. Journal, Vol. 3, No. 4.)
>Imtotep's tomb still remains deeply buried these 25 years after Stanford's
>     But what is relevant to this discussion about paleontology is that
>Stanford LEARNED the EXACT SITE of Imhotep's tomb BY PURELY
>PSYCHIC MEANS.  As Stanford explained in his revealing interview in the
>April, 1974 issue of PSYCHIC magazine, "I awakened one morning with a
>distinct knowing of exactly where Imhotep's tomb is, although
>have searched for it for years (...) When I have impressions as clear as
>they have never been wrong."
>     Kuthumi would say, surely it should be obvious that the psychic
>Stanford demonstrated in thus locating the EXACT SITE of Imhotep's tomb, of
>the 149 Essene scrolls, and of the hidden records of Telos (to cite only
>examples) MAY be equally capable of discerning the EXACT LOCATION of the
>fossil remains of dinosaurs that are currently hidden within the earth --
>fossils of species hitherto unknown!  But such is unlikely to occur, unless
>Stanford receives the proper encouragement, rather than the sort of
>contained in the postings of SharPei.  Those who have ears to hear, let
>     It is the past efforts of Ray Stanford to open up entirely new vistas
>dinosaur science, and the potential (as yet barely tapped) of his
>psychic powers to greatly advance contemporary paleontology, that are the
>proper subjects for recognition and discussion by the esteemed members of
>this list - and NOT the distracting matters of Stanford's dealings with
>beings and time machines on which SharPei would have you dwell.
>Shanti, good day,
>Kuthumi Lalh Singh
>     (Kuthumi now returns to the role of "lurker" with which he is well
>familiar, but those who desire to receive something of tangible
>documentation regarding the statements contained in this posting may
>Kuthumi, as you say, "off list" -- or, if you are suitably receptive, by
>passing into an unconscious state.)