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Re: Function Talks at Ostrom Symposium

DinoGeorge wrote:
> > I look forward to the discovery of possible
> > flightless, very birdlike theropods with well-preserved innards
showing signs
> > of >both< kinds of respiratory systems--say in Brazil.

Luis Rey wrote:
> This is indeed what the work of David Martill (Southampton University)
> shown me recently and that he will be publishing soon.

I have long suspected that if any major new discoveries are reported on
dinosaur soft tissue structures, they would involve the Cretaceous
Santana Formation paleofauna of Brazil (where whole fish, complete with
well preserved internal structures, are preserved in concretions in
abundance; not to mention those beautiful pterosaur specimens).  In the
meantime, of course, the fuzzy-wuzzy-dinos out of China diverted my

The Santana Fm. is dominantly non-terrestrial, so I haven't kept my
hopes up.  So, Martill has a "baby in the oven", hmm?  How soon do you
think we will be able to feast on his dino-guts tome?  (I think I've
mixed one to many metaphors today).