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[markle@compuquill.com: Please Help]

I'll probably write to this person myself to give her contact
information for specific individuals, but if any of you would like to
help in the project described below, please write to Ms. Markle


Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)

Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 21:48:48 -0500
To: mrowe@indiana.edu
From: Sandra Markle <markle@compuquill.com>
Subject: Please Help

Dear Dr. Rowe:

I'm the author of 60 science books for children.  I'm currently working on
Outside and Inside Dinosaurs which will use only real photographs to help
children learn about how scientists infer things about dinosaurs and what
scientists believe about the way dinosaurs lived and functioned.  Outside
and Inside Dinosaurs will be the 14th book in my Outside and Inside series
for Simon & Schuster. I'm pleased to share that every book in this series
has won at least one award and many have won as many as three.

Below is a list of the images I'm trying to locate to illustrate Outside
and Inside Dinosaurs.  Thank you in advance for any help you can provide
toward making Outside and Inside Dinosaurs a valuable learning experience
for young readers. 

Please let me know what you might be able to supply or can you suggest who
might have such images?

Sandra Markle

My address is: markle@compuquill.com

Dinosaur Photo Wish List

1. Skin (Hadrosaurus and Edmontosaurus had leathery, pebbled skinlike a
football; others and skin with pattern similar to today's Gila monster)
2. Fossil of feathered skin
3. Several kinds of skulls, including duck-billed
4. T.Rex or other carnivore teeth
5. Herbivore teeth
6. 2 kinds of  feet raptor/browser-1 should be clawed
7.  Embryo --Catscan inside egg to show embryo or chiseled to show embryo
8. Coprolite
9. Gastrolith
10. Eggs in nest setting
11. Tracks (to show feet structure and gait) travel in groups with young to
the middle
12. Cranium to show small brain cavity
13. Microscopic view of bone with growth rings to show age
14. Fossilized stomach contents-rare but for Baryongy had fish scales and
Sinosauropteryx -was bird-like with unidentified mammal in tummy
15. Nest with mud rim
16. Skeleton to show bird hip and lizard hip-legs under body and not like
today's reptiles (maybe reptile skeleton too to show difference)
17. crested dinosaurs rather than T.rex
18. Modern swamp photo
19. Full skeleton of some dinosaur
20. Hadrosaur head (or other) showing crests
One with horns
One with frills
21. Ankylosaurus or similar with bony plates
22. Pterodactyl skeleton with wings spread
23. Fast-moving one in running position
24. Skeleton with long neck for discussion of blood-pressure