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RE: Introduction

< Hi, my name is Sara and I am new to this list. I was wondering what 
< my major in college should be if I want to be a vertabrate 
< palontologist? Also, can anyone recommend some schools with a 
< good paleontology program? 

[Jeffrey Martz]  

      If you do not go to an undergraduate school that offers a vertebrate 
paleontology bachelor's degree, I would suggests finding one that offers good 
undergraduate programs in both Geology and Biology (or Zoology) and try for a 
double major.  My own degree upon graduation this spring will be in Zoology, 
and I will be missing a second degree in Geology by about four courses.  I 
decided just a year and a half too late that I wanted a Geology degree as well. 
      Paleontology Master's degrees may be offered either throught he Geology 
(usually) or Biology departments (as with Berkeley and University of Chicago).  
Not having the "right" batchelor's degree probably won't keep you out of 
anywhere, but it might save you a few extra courses in graduate school.  It is 
also nice to have a well rounded education in both Biology and Geology, which 
Paleontology is after all a synthesis of.  If you are willing to do some 
careful planning of your curriculum and shoulder the work, I say go for two 
It probably won't look bad on your application either.

LN Jeff