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New Paleopathology Paper

Hi All -

        Apologies for the cross-posting, but in the interest of keeping
interested parties up-to-date on new paleoliterature, I've just received a
reprint of this one:

Sawyer, G.T. and Erickson, B.R.  1998.  Paleopathology of the Paleocene
crocodile _Leidyosuchus_ (=_Borealosuchus_) _formidabilis_.  _Science
Museum of Minnesota Monograph (Paleontology)_ 4:  1-38.

The paper details a whopping 236 pathologic bones (_not_ from a single
individual!) in a variety of cranial and postcranial bones of the croc in
question (Bullion Creek Formation, North Dakota, Late Paleocene), and
includes numerous nice photos and drawings.  There's also a glossary of
paleopathological terms with brief but useful definitions.  A great
reference for anyone interested in paleopathology.

        Just FYI...

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