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R: Archaeopteryx chimaera

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Data: lunedì 22 febbraio 1999 18.00
Oggetto: Re: Archaeopteryx chimaera

>Does anybody know why certain theropods (dromaeosaurids, birds,
>therizinosauroids) have the pubis pushed back?  I have heard that
>ornithischians have an opisthopubic pelvis because it makes space for a
>bigger gut (always helpful when digesting cellulose-rich, nutrition-poor
>plant matter).  This could apply to therizinosauroids too, but why did
>dromaeosaurids and birds do it?

I don't known for Birds but the modification in the pubis of Deinonychus is
too unusual for a Theropoda, but if you consider that also the femur is
modified (there is a supplementary process on the posterior border)
identified as the scar of a big retractor muscle of the leg. All the two
features is considered an adaptation for using the claw on the pes as a

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