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FW: Strimple award nominations

Do not contact me-I am merely forwarding it to the list

>Know of an amateur who has furthered the field of paleontology?  Please 
>recognize that person by nominating him or her for the Paleontological
Society Strimple Award.
>The Strimple Award recognizes outstanding achievement in paleontology by 
>amateurs (someone who does not make a living full-time from paleontology). 
>Contributions may be an outstanding record of research and publication, making 
>outstanding collections, safeguarding unique paleontological materials through 
>public service, teaching activities in the area of paleontology, and 
>collaborations with others working in paleontology.
>Anyone, including other amateurs, may make a nomination.  Nominators do not 
>have to be members of the Paleontological Society.
>The nominations should include:  
1)  nominee's full name, address, phone number (and email if
2)  contact information for nominator; 
3)  certification by the nominator of the amateur status of the nominee; 
4)  description of the nominee's achievements in paleontology (not to
exceed three pages);  
5)  supporting letters and other documentation, which
will be bound and presented to the awardee.
>Please submit nominations by March 15, 1999, to Patricia H. Kelley, Chair of 
>the Strimple Award Committee (Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of North 
>Carolina at Wilmington, Wilmington, NC 28403-3297.  If you have questions, 
>please contact Patricia Kelley at the above address, call
910-962-7406, or email kelleyp@uncwil.edu.

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