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Re: Archaeopteryx Chimaera (was: Function Talks at Ostrom Symposium)

>With their new model of the Archaeopteryx pelvis, they suggest a
>pelvic-driven pump in Archaeopteryx, as a forerunner to the modern bird
>condition.  They do not think that Archie had a hepatic piston.  (Hey, I
>agree with them on this, at least).
>Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.

Well, finally I also agree with them in this!
Only that if the pelvic-driven pump is good for Archie is good for all
dinosaurs. I don't see any difference between the pelvis of Archaeopteryx
and any dinosaur. Even dromaeosaurs had a more 'avian' pelvis than Archie
and Mononychus is virtually fully avian.
How would a Velociraptor hepatic piston work with a drastically backward
facing pubis?
Maybe somebody can help with the mechanics... because if they dare to argue
that the pubis of the dromaeosaurs is facing forward(which we allknow was
not)... the dromaeosaurs would be  ploughing the Cretaceous soil while
running. Very inventive.

Luis Rey

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