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RE: Addendum to UPDATE (Maryland tracks)

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        From:   RAY D STANFORD [SMTP:STARSONG@prodigy.net]
        Sent:   Sunday, February 21, 1999 3:02 PM
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        Subject:        Addendum to UPDATE (Maryland tracks)

            Sorry, I neglected to mention that in the two recent Sauropod
        track finds (as in six others of the dozen or so Sauropod manus
tracks found
        here in Maryland), impressions of ALL FIVE DIGITS of the manus are
        as distinguishable units. Sorry we are not allowed to include
drawings or
        photos to this list, but for the lovers of sauropods who care:  In
        better manus impressions, the patterns produced by digits 1 and 5
are of
        SUBSTANTIALLY DIFFERENT SHAPE, one from the other. This difference
        consistent in all the seven manus prints that record them.  If you
        learned anything about distinguishing left-side  from right-side in
        good-quality sauropod manus impressions, the distinction can now be
made by
        recognition of the differences in the impressions made by digits 1
and 5,
        viewed separately and out of a track-way (series of prints).

            Ray Stanford


        Ray (or anyone who knows, for that matter), is there evidence for
claws in these prints?
        Particularly, I am thinking about evidence of a claw on the first