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Rahonavis....a Bird?....a Dino?

Was about this time (last year?), that I remember hearing of its
(Rahonavis`) discovery. Just visited Mike Keesey`s excellent web site, and
was drawn (no pun intended) to his image of this creature. Mike states that
it`s somewhere "between" a bird and a Dromaeosaurid. I would`ve thought ,
(for sure), ...a bird, due to evidence of feather attachment on its wing.
But , then again, with all these feathered dinos showing up from China, the
issue gets kind of fuzzy . (can`t get away from these puns!). Anyway, what`s
the scoop? Can any "claw expert" out there tell me how that large pedal claw
compares with that of a Dromaeosaur? Is there enough evidence besides the
claw for a positive link to this group? And,...if I`m correct in suspecting
there is, then how can we continue comparing Droms with Archie, when there`s
a closer representative to be had in Rahonavis??