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Re: From ScienceScan

At 09:33 PM 2/21/99 -0500, WOlewiler@aol.com wrote:
>>From ScienceScan --
>Oregon State University scientist have completed a
>metabolic analysis of the Italian dinosaur specimen of
>Scipionyx which had impressions of intestines, liver,
>and a variety of other internal organs.  What they were
>able to find is that this dinosaur had a respiratory
>system which was adapted to support bursts of high
>activity, but lacked bird style lungs or other anatomical
>features suggestive of a sustained high metabolic rate.

Umm, we mammals have a sustained high metabolic rate without avian lungs.
All I would say one can conclude from a lack of avian-type lungs is that
the metabolism was not yet as high as in living birds!

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