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Ora in Scientific American

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Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 21:42:45
From: Steve Grenard <grenard@con2.com>
Reply-To: herp-l@ucdavis.edu
To: slither@lists.southwind.net
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Subject: Campbell's New Book (TOC) and other News

There is much news in the world of herpetology publishing today.  First,
the March
issue of Scientific American carries herps in there different places: a
full article on
Komodo Fragons, a shorter piece on the use of DNA in repatriating Galapagos
to their home islands and a short item on the disocvery of  blood pressure
drugs in snake venom.

The next item is the news that R&A Magazine has been sold and all
subscriptions will
be honored by the new publisher as will the common law copyrights of former
who published articles and photos in the magazine over the years. I am sure
there will be
an official announcement with more details soon.

And Jonathan Campbell's new book  Amphibians and Reptiles of No Guatalamal,
the Yucatan and Belize arrived today and will be shipped out to all those
readers on these
lists who sent in for a copy. There are a few left if anyone is still
interested.  Among the
highlights of the contents are chapters on:

history of herpetological exploration
finding amphibians and reptiles 
characteristics and identification
decimation and conservation

then follows a listing by taxonomic groups of all the species covered.
Whgat is not reflected is the numerous entertaining side-bars Campbell has
interjected into the text.  These are almost "can't put it down" style!  
these include sections on unfounded beliefs, chasing he rain, harbingers
of enviro degradation, a lizard's revenge, the iguana hunters,  snake and
lizard tails, to catch a boa, the serpent brokers  and more.

Steve Grenard