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Re: thanks for tracks & a question

--On Tuesday, February 23, 1999, 10:26 PM -0500 "RAY D STANFORD"
<STARSONG@prodigy.net> wrote: 

>     Although I'm not sure how far a certain idea's consistency-to-fact has
> been tested against the trackway record over the long period when
> existed, a generalization has been suggested by some researchers, that
> describes the gauge of Sauropod tracks as having widened across time.  

I have talked this over with a particular Ph.D student who suggests that the
"wide-guage" tracks may something present in somphospondylans due to
modifications of the femur.  Wide guage and/or anti-pigeon-toed tracks may
actually help to identify sauropods as perhaps somphospondylans.  

Thanks for the great reply (including the explanation of the the nature of
the tracks' location in urban settings).

Have  a great day.