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Re: R: Archaeopteryx chimaera (reply to Tom)

Thank you for your reply, I enjoyed it.
        I have Dingus & Rowe's "The Mistaken Extinction." In this book, they 
Deinonychus with the outdated vertical pubis AND with a hypopubic cup (no
boot) that is repeated in Rowe's CD-ROM: The Age of Dinosaurs. They also show
Archaeopteryx with its pubis angled back about 45°, parallel with the ischium.
The AMNH shows "Archy" with a vertical pubis, while the ANSP shows it with one
more parallel to the ishium. From the pictures and casts that I've seen, the
Eichstatt and Solnhofen specimens show the pubis parallel with the ischium,
like the Berlin specimen does. Unfortunately, I have yet to see the Solnhofen
Aktien Verein specimen.
***HEY, if anyone has a pic of it, feel free to send it to me as an attached
file. Or if anyone knows where it would be on the web, good enough.***
        I can't say I agree with everything about Ruben and friends, but I do 
there work, like showing how Archy could have breathed with a reptilian
physiology and such.