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Re: Deinonychus sternum

At 07:56 AM 2/25/99 -0500, James Norton wrote:
>Could someone provide me with a reference regarding the size and shape of
the Deinonychus sternum?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

The sternum of _Deinonychus_ has not been recovered at present.  However,
the sternum of the related _Velociraptor_ is described and illustrated in:

Norell, M.A. & P.J. Makovicky. 1997. Important features of the dromaeosaur
skeleton: information from a new specimen. American Museum Novitates 3215:1-28.

If you don't have Am. Mus. Novitates at a library near you, I believe you
might be able to order them over the web: check out the AMNH website.

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