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Under the Earth's crust

The AP is reporting today (2/26/99) on a company that:

"Silicon Valley Co Peeks Under Earth," by Martha Mendoza.

"SAN JOSE (AP) -- New technologies from a small Silicon Valley
company are making it possible to peek under the Earth's crust and 
learn how dinosaurs were wiped out, whether mythical pirate ships 
existed and where earthquake faults lurk."

" 'With the new instruments and techniques available these days, 
we're able to get very fine detail about what the subsurface is made of,' 
said U.S. Geological Survey geophysicist Rufus Catchings."


"In Mexico, National University researchers are using another Geometrics 
device to analyze the borders of a crater scientists believe was formed 
when a gigantic asteroid slammed into the planet 65 million years ago. 
They'll try to find out whether the impact could have thrown up enough 
dust to change the weather patterns on earth. The analysis could buttress
the widely accepted theory that dinosaurs vanished because of a 
collision with a huge asteroid or comet."