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"Walking with Dinosaurs"

Our UK corespondents may know more about this program, but
Reuters had an article on 2/24 about a new BBC program called
"Walking With Dinosaurs."

"LONDON, Feb 24 (Reuters) by Jeff Daeschner.   Britain's flagship TV 
broadcaster, the BBC, said on Wednesday a landmark series on 
dinosaurs will highlight its annual showcase of programmes on sale 
for international broadcasters." 

'" 'Walking With Dinosaurs,' co-produced with the Discovery Channel 
in the U.S., uses advanced computer imaging to depict dinosaurs in their 
prehistoric environments."

"The natural history series, consisting of six 30-minute programmes, is 
expected to be one of the main attractions at the annual BBC Showcase
 in Brighton, southern England, starting on February 28 and ending 
on March 3."

"Besides 'Walking With Dinosaurs' -- which will air in Britain this autumn --
the BBC plans to sell a documentary series called ``South America -- A 
Continent Apart.' <SNIP> 'Walking With Dinosaurs' is one of the first BBC
programmes to benefit from the wide-ranging alliance signed with the 
Discovery Channel last year to create global TV channels and co-produce